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Women's Perspective Jersey | Bella Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

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Fabric: AeroDri
Fit: Tailored Fit
Gender: Women

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Made in the USA - High-Quality Cycling Apparel UPF Sun Protection Fabric    


Aero Tech Women's Bella Sleeveless Cycling Jersey - PerspectiveWomen's Perspective Bella Sleeveless Cycling Jersey


Aero Tech is proud to present the newest Women's Specific Jersey into our line-up, the Perspective Sleeveless Jersey for Women. The jersey starts with our Women's Bella Sleeveless pattern which is a women's specific fit. The body of the jerseys tapers down then widens in the hip areas so the jerseys fits a women's body properly. The sleeveless arm holes have soft stretch binding on the seams that don't rub or create hot spots under the arms. The front zipper is reflective and has a sturdy pull tab for easy on-off or to help ventilate during long, hot rides. The back of the jerseys has 3 rear cargo pockets and a reflective tab for safety in low light. The New Women's Perspective jerseys is printed with a high visibility safety yellow and black color for a high contrast eye catching design. The perspective jerseys' fabric is a 100% polyester that is prepared for print for a long lasting color that doesn't run or fade over time. All of our Women's Perspective Jerseys are made in the USA using high quality labor and materials for a jersey that will last multiple season.


  • AeroDRI™ Fabric
    • Content: 100% stretch polyester
    • Weight: 190 Gram/yd
    • Prepared for print for vivid, long lasting color
  • Half length reflective zipper.
  • 3 Back Pockets provide easy access to personal items.
  • 3M scotchlite reflective tab below pockets for safety and visibility.
  • Women's specific cut - tapered to prevent flapping in the wind.
  • Factory direct value - no middleman mark-up
  • Made in the USA.
  • Sizes X-Small - 2X-Large


Aero Tech Women's Jersey- Size Chart
  Size Women's Size Chest (inches) Waist (inches) Hip (inches)  
X-Small 2 30-32 24 35
Small 4-6 33-34 25-26 36-37
Medium 8-10 34-38 27-28 38-39
Large 12 38-40 29-30 40-41
X-Large 14-16 40-42 31-32 42-43
XX-Large 18-20 42-44 36-38 45-48

Additional Photos and Details

Women's Perspective Bella Sleeveless Cycling Jersey Front Features Women's Perspective Bella Sleeveless Cycling Jersey Back Features Women's Sleeveless Jerseys Fit Guide

Fabric Information: AeroDriAeroDri Performance Athletic Fabric

AeroDri™ is a wearable tech fabric that manages moisture away from the skin surface and through the fabric for evaporation. Moisture management is one of the key performance criteria in today’s apparel. Moisture management is the process of transporting moisture away from the skin to the garments outer surface. Moisture management often refers to the transport of both moisture vapor & liquid away from the body. Wetting and then Wicking is the nature of a technically designed fabric. In the heat summer and athletics, trapped sweat can heat up the body and lead to fatigue or diminished performance. When wearing a garment manufactured with AeroDri™ , the moisture vapor can pass through openings between filters of yarns. The polyester fibers are extruded in an angular shape and then knitted into a highly technical two stage fabric surface. The technical composition of fiber, fiber shape and knitting process all support the maintenance of body temperature.

When the body temperature heats up, sweat is produced. With a cotton garment, the sweat leads to "wetness" and increases clothing weight - especially in sweat prone areas like the neckline, chest, and arm pits. This wet is perceived as uncomfortable with a negative effect on performance. Moisture management with AeroDri™ leads to temperature control and enhanced comfort. Keeping cool with technical performance fabric means moisture management. Temperature control can be achieved by evaporation of water on the skin's surface.

The wicking of moisture gives wearer a dry feeling by spreading the liquid to evaporate easily. Hydrophilic fibers like cotton are attracted to and bind with water, meaning the moisture is retained with poor moisture release. Hydrophobic fibers are synthetic like polyester or nylon. These fibers do not hold moisture and depending on their shape, surface area, and small gaps in the construction, the surface has few bonding sites for water to bind. This means the fabric stays dry and has good moisture transportation and evaporation (wicking). Micro-fibers are key to the construction of AeroDri™ fabrics because of the fine fiber size and the knitted construction which contains small gaps and big surface areas for evaporation of moisture.

AeroDri Fabric is 100% Polyester

  • Content: 100% Polyester
  • Weight: 190 Gram/yd
  • Prepared for Print for Vivid, Long Lasting Color


Complete the Kit!

The Women's Daisy Rider Jersey looks great with our Elite Padded Cycling Shorts and Padded Gloves! Also for some must-have accessories, visit our sunglasses and our CoolMax Athletic Socks!

Women's Perspective Cycling Kit

aero tech designs cycling apparel

ride longer feel stronger

Made in the USA

Fabric: 100% Polyester

Women's Bella Sleeveless Cycling Jersey - Perspective

Warranty Information

Full warranty on Manufacturing Defects. Call 412-262-3255 for more information.

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