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Aero Tech Reflective Cycling Shoe Covers with High Visibility 360 degree ReflectivityAero Tech Reflective Cycling Shoe Cover Features

Fabric is Stretchy Polyurethane with Reflective Micro Bead laminated to the surface to bounce back light to the source such as automobiles and street lights. with an actively visible surface in 360 degrees. It also has a reinforced cleat opening, that provides secure clip in for cyclists who ride with clipless pedals. The heel area has protective kevlar-type rugged surface. The zipper is the best in class of manufactured goods, a YKK branded zipper means it is less likely to break or get stuck. Stretch Reflective fabric is two layers. Polyurethane blocks wind and rain to keep feet dry and protected from cold weather. The reflective surface is designed to bounce light back to the source for maximum luminosity.

The fit is stretchable to snug up to cycling shoes with easy on off via the back zipper. YKK brand zipper makes it easy to get the reflective shoe cover on and off with shoes on. The bottom of the shoe cover has easements for the heel and cleat with reinforcements and a rugged sole fabric. The reflectivity has a 360 degree visibility factor that keeps your moving parts bright and highly visible. The top of the reflective shoe cover has an elastic band that seals off cold air and connects the cover to your tights or pants. Be Safe! Be Seen!

  • Reflective Surface
  • Stetchable and Waterproof
  • YKK zipper for easy on and off
  • 360 degrees of visibility
  • Easy on and Off


Aero Tech Designs Shoe Cover- Size Chart
  Size Men's Women's Euro  
Small up to 6.5 6-8 up to 40
Medium 7 - 8 8.5 - 9.5 40 - 41.5
Large 9 - 10 10 - 11 42 - 43
X-Large 11 - 12 12+ 44 - 45
XX-Large 13 - 14   46 - 47

Additional Details

Active 360 Degree Visibility on the Reflective Cycling Shoe Cover High Quality YKK Zipper on the Reflective Cycling Shoe Cover Reflective Fabric Close-up on the Reflective Cycling Shoe Cover
Pedal Openings on the Reflective Cycling Shoe Covers Reflective Cycling Shoe Cover Group Kevlar Heel Close-up on Reflective Cycling Shoe Covers

Aero Tech Designs Cyclewear
Ride Longer. Feel Stronger. 

Fabric: Polyurethane with Reflective Micro Bead Laminated

Aero Tech Reflective Cycling Shoe Covers with High Visibility 360 degree Reflectivity

Warranty Information

1 Year Full Manufacturer's Warranty on Defective Products. Visit our Return Policy Page or Call 412-262-3255 for more information.

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