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Why buy "Plus Women" cycling clothing?
Are you getting ready to have fun cycling? Let us get you on the road in comfort. We love to ride and understand how to provide you the extra comfort you need to ride longer and feel stronger.


Finding the Right Fit for Plus Women's Full Figure
Shopping for cycling apparel can be intimidating, especially for plus size women, who feel it’s harder to find something that fits right and looks good. At Aero Tech Designs, we understand women cyclists come in all shapes and sizes. We believe riding a bike is something fun everyone should get to enjoy.  Plus size cycling apparel doesn't have to fit tight like spandex to work well on a long bicycle ride. Our women's Gail jersey is flattering for a plus women's figure, which has nice style lines and fits loose and airy without being baggy. The collar is loose around the neck yet high enough to cover up. When it comes to the needs of a full figure cycling short, we offer a variety styles. The baggy shorts are loose fitting on the outer shell with a snug bike short on the inside as a liner. If you want to wear your own stretch clothing, you can find a liner short that coverts any short into a padded cycle short. On this page you will find plus size jackets, cycle capri, shorts and jerseys.

Plus Women's Cycling Apparel

Can't Find Full Figure Bicycling Wear that Fits Right?

The team at Aero Tech Designs can get you on the bike saddle in both comfort and style! All our full figure gear is designed so it fits you well – nothing skin-tight or too baggy, and far more contoured than male-sized cuts. The flattering fit is packed with functional features. Plus-women cycling shorts incorporate just the right amount of cushioning so you can ride longer and feel stronger. Jerseys for full figure women fit loose and airy but don’t flap in the wind; front zippers, wick-away fabrics and easily-accessible back pockets are standard. No matter why you bike – for fun, to be more fit, to shed a few pounds, to socialize, or just to be out in the fresh air – you’ll find that Aero Tech has all the full figure clothing you’ll ever need.  Plus Women's Cycling Apparel is developed by big cyclists and we incorporate our feedback into updating and elevating the cycling apparel for peak performance in all weather conditions

Unleashing Your Inner Goddess

Athena as a the First Full Figure Model

In Greek mythology, Athena was represented as a stately, sturdy woman in a baggy robe, the goddess of war, wisdom and knowledge who chose her battles carefully. Today her name is associated with a weight-based sports division for women who weigh more than 150 pounds. (In most sporting events, athletics divisions are based on age.) The Athena class allows athletes to compete on a more-level playing field against others who have a similar build. The concept is especially apt to the sport of cycling, since lighter-weight riders tend to outperform bikers who are heavier, regardless of age.

You don't have to be a competitive cyclist to be an Athena full figure goddess. You don’t even have to enter a race, if you don’t want to. A cyclist gains physical strength, agility, stamina, experience and confidence just by making the pedals go round. Today. Next week. Next month.  Plus women's cycling experiences create joy and happiness.

You don't need to wait to lose weight - or even want to shed pounds - to be a cyclist. Having a full figure body doesn't stereotype you as lazy. It doesn’t mean that you’re evil, sloppy or undisciplined, as others might have you believe. And we can tell that you’re not dissatisfied with your life.

The Best Reason to Channel Athena
The desire to be a cyclist, to live a cycling lifestyle, comes from the heart. And it benefits your heart. Studies show that full figure women (and men) who stay active have a lower death rate than those who are skinny and sedentary.

Thinking Like Athena
Isn't it all about the journey? You're not looking for a “new me,” you’re pursuing the “real me” that’s been inside of you all along. Like the goddess Athena, you have a determined spirit that's ready to find out what works best for you. If you’ve decided that your heroic purpose is cycling, you are working toward something positive and enjoyable, something uniquely you. Fit and healthy doesn't mean thin or perfect, it means the best version of yourself. So live in the body you have!

Finding the Right Fit for Plus Women
Wearing Plus women's cycling clothing can be intimidating, no matter what size you are, since it hugs the skin and reveals every line, every curve, every defect. Full figure women have an especially difficult time finding cycling clothes that suit their purpose yet still look attractive. Think about how spandex has a way of attracting unwanted attention? 

At Aero Tech Designs, we understand that women cyclists come in all shapes and sizes. We believe that riding a bike is fun, that it’s great for your mental health, and that everyone should get to enjoy the activity, regardless of their fitness level.

Most important, if you are comfortable in the clothes you wear while cycling, you can gain a lot more benefits than are readily apparent:
• Your posture will show self-assurance.
• You’ll enjoy your ride more.
• You’ll have better control over venting/conserving heat.
• You’ll put more energy into turning the pedals and less into adjusting your body to ease aches and pains.
• You’ll want to ride farther or harder.
• You’ll want to ride more often.
• You’ll have more confidence, today and tomorrow.

Plus size cycling apparel doesn't have to hug tight to your body, like form-fitting spandex, to function well on a bicycle ride. Our women's Gail jersey is flattering on a plus women's figure. It has attractive style lines and fits loose and airy without being baggy – yet it is far more contoured than male-sized cuts. The collar is slack around the neck yet high enough to keep air from chilling the torso when the weather turns cool.

In our full figure cycling short line, we offer a variety of styles. The mountain bike baggy shorts are loose fitting on the outer shell with a snug padded bike short inside, which serves as a liner. If you have unpadded stretch clothing that you prefer, we offer a liner short that coverts any short into a padded cycle short.

Not all classic bike shorts are the same; the varieties include thick pads, thin pads, urban-look and spandex, to name a few. How do you know what is best for full figure women? Our Women’s Century Shorts were rated one of the Top Ten Plus Size Cycling Shorts by Total Women's Cycling. This short offers supreme comfort, perfect for heading out on longer rides. Made from a soft polyester with Lycra, the fabric feels great next to skin. The short has a soft waistband that will not dig in, a seamless inner leg to prevent chaffing, and silicone leg grippers to keep the legs from riding up.

Our Plus Women's Baggy Short is a great solution if you don't feel comfortable in spandex. This apparel is two shorts in one, with a loose outer short and an internal short with a sewn-in chamois pad. Bike short comfort is a personal preference: Once you get riding, you will develop your own opinion on what works for you on bicycle rides. Our women's bike short overview offers some helpful information. If you have questions about the chamois pads sewn inside bike shorts, check out the technical info on chamois pads.

This page features plus size jackets, cycle capris, shorts, jerseys and more.

Full Figure Sizing
Aero Tech Designs has a growing selection of plus size cycling clothing. Full figure starts with 2XL and goes to 5XL, and 6XL in some products. We create all garments with high-performance technical materials that wick perspiration and cushion the ride. Our full figure cycling clothes are designed to fit you best in the bicycle-riding position, providing comfort so you can enjoy your ride.

Also, for your plus women's cycling comfort, consider one of many anti-chafe creams that work like a magic wand to eliminate chafe between the legs. We highly recommend them.

Plus Women's Jersey Size Chart
  Size Women's Size Chest (inches) Hip (inches)  
1XL 16-18 42-44 44-46
2XL 20-22 46-48 48-50
3XL 24-26 50-52 52-54
4XL 28-30 54-56 56-58
5XL 32-34 58-60 60-62

Plus Women's Bottom Size Chart
  Size Women's Size Shorts Inseam Capris Inseam  Tights Inseam  
1XL 16-18 7 3/4 19 7/8 25 1/2
2XL 20-22 8 20 25 5/8
3XL 24-26 8 1/4 20 1/8 25 3/4
4XL 28-30 8 1/2 20 1/4 25 7/8
5XL 32-34 8 3/4 20 3/8 26

Visit our Plus Women's Liddy Products for Plus Specific Riding Gear

Plus Cycling Apparel Tips for Full Figure Size

* Use a tape measure on your bust, waist, and hips, then compare with the size chart. For the chest, measure across the fullest part just under the arms. For the waist, measure across the narrowest part of your midsection. For the hips, measure around the fullest part.
* Make sizing decisions while sitting in the bicycle saddle, not while standing up. Full figure women's cycle gear is designed for the cycling position, not standing.
* Once you choose a short or jersey, don't be discouraged if it doesn’t fit right when you first try it on. You may need to exchange it or try a variety of styles to find your comfort zone. Be sure to check out our return policy so we can help you easily exchange your items.
* Leg grippers and elastics may feel strange the first time you try them on, but don't overreact. Elastic is fantastic on the ride: It makes clothing stay in place so you don't have to tug at it when moving around cycling and exercising.
* If you experience chafing on the bicycle, make sure you are NOT wearing underwear. The chamois padding goes next to you skin without any liners. We have anti-chafe creams that work like a magic wand to eliminate chafe between the legs. We highly recommend them.

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