TALL Bike Jerseys

Tall Men's Cycling Jerseys | Jerseys with Extra Body and Sleeves Length

Finding a cycling jersey for a tall man that fits perfect can be hard to find. Aero Tech Designs is one of the only, if not the only, cycling apparel brands that cater to tall men. Our tall men's cycling jerseys are designed and made specifically for the tall cyclist's body. The material we use ranges from Cool-Max fabric to keep you cool in the summer to cozy fleece that keeps you having fun as long as possible in the cold. The tall men's cycling jersey we design has an extra three inches of length in the torso and longer sleeves. Our tall short sleeve cycling jerseys have received rave reviews by our cycling test markets and all of our very tall friends. We are proud to say our tall customers have expressed that this is the first cycling jersey that actually covers their back in the cycling position. As always, three rear pockets are very easy to reach. The pockets are high enough to adjust for the extra torso length, which prevents seat snags when the pockets are in use. High-quality cuffs, thread, and fine stitching details all prevent rubbing and irritation. We use technical fabrics to wick moisture away. Our innovative tall man designs and patterns offer a proper fit for tall sizes. Since we design our garment patterns, this fit will not be found anywhere else. Tall specific cycling apparel will add comfort and confidence to any taller cyclist ride, long or short. Our Elite Fabrics use the latest perspiration-wicking technologies. These fabrics transport your body's moisture away from your skin to keep you cool when the heat is on. This garment "sweats well" it dissipates the perspiration, doing so keeping you dry and comfortable. Make sure you match and see our Tall Man Bike Shorts.