Loose Fit Shorts

Women's baggy Bike Shorts are padded and loose fit. Find great deals on women's baggy mtb shorts at Aero Tech Designs. Not really into the spandex and tights, well let me introduce you to baggy bike short; the perfect mix of comfort and utility. Female MTB Bike Shorts are not just for trail riding but have been made popular by mountain bikers around the world. The Female MTB Baggy Bike Shorts are comprised of two parts; one outer shell that is the baggy and second the inner short that is similar to the spandex bike shorts with a chamois pad. The inner padded bike short is made from high quality fabric with silicon grippers to ensure the shorts placement on the rider. The Chamois is the Aero Tech Designs famous Black P Chamois designed for maximum shock absorption and total comfort. More often the buyers of the loose fitting shorts want a more casual and normal looking short. Baggy shorts are a neat way to feel casual while out riding and still have the benefits of technical fabric perforce. With most Female MTB bike Shorts having a removable inner short, they can also be worn as a non cycling garment. There are many brands of shorts and the differences are subtle and significant, so you need a little time to find the right pair for you.