Month Of Mud - Alameda

Published by Nathan Omasta on Oct 13th 2022

Oct 13th, 2022

Month Of Mud Alameda Recap

By: Nathan Omasta


Month Of Mud - Alameda

Month Of Mud Schedule:

Alameda Park - October 9, 2022
Moraine State Park - October 16, 2022
Bradys Run - October 23, 2022
Ohiopyle State Park - October 30, 2022


184 Alameda Park Road
Butler , PA 16001
United States

Team Member: Nate

This year Eric Bergman, Zack Lawton, and Nate Omasta made their way to Alameda Park in Butler, PA, for the second round of the Month of Mud series. The course is deceptive. Many think that the race is relatively easy compared to some other rounds because of the fast and flowy nature of the trails, but that is far from the case. The truth is that the course is relentless. To stay at the front, you must constantly be on the gas: hammer up every short hill, surge out of each corner, and push the pace on the downhills. Physically, the course is demanding – nothing short of an anaerobic sufferfest. Legs and lungs will only get you so far at Alameda, which is true for racing. A positive mindset is crucial – a willingness to ignore the burning lungs, fight through the cramps, and pedal when every fiber of your being tells you to rest.

"Physically, the course is demanding – nothing short of an anaerobic sufferfest. Legs and lungs will only get you so far at Alameda, which is true for racing."
Team Member: Nate

Last year at MoM Alameda, I broke my femur. It was physically devastating, and I was depressed for weeks, wondering if I would ever ride or race again. Oddly enough, for me (Omasta), breaking my femur was the best thing that ever happened to me in terms of having a positive mindset. Looking back, that event, more than anything else, changed my mindset for the better. I used to get in my own head – my own worst enemy, to use the cliché – stuck in a loop of negative thoughts when I was fatigued when my lungs burned, when my legs were tired. When you break your femur and have two titanium rods inserted to hold your leg and hip together, your perspective and tolerance for pain, suffering, and willingness to deal with adversity are entirely reset.

Team Member: Zack

A positive mindset is key to overcoming the depression and negative thoughts that come with a significant injury. Giving up is not an option – not in recovery, and definitely not in a race if you want to compete to be at the front. I’m far from the fittest or physically strong on the start line at the race, but one thing I know without question is that I will not give up when I’m tired and my lungs burn – something I struggled with in the past. While having a positive mindset is completely up to the individual, it’s not something I could have achieved alone. My friends and teammates are a significant reason I was able to return to this level of riding and racing. They never doubted I would come back just as strong, and I was determined to rejoin them on our group rides without them having to wait for me at the top of every hill. Because of them, I was able to line up at Alameda this year feeling as calm and confident as ever, back at the place where I left in an ambulance one year ago today. I am forever grateful to these friends as they have impacted my recovery and positive mindset more than they will ever realize. I am grateful to have had the continued support of the Aerodog Team while I was on the couch recovering. I did not want to line up to race wearing the jersey only to put in a lackluster effort – knowing I had something bigger than me to represent was extra motivation to come back stronger than before.

Written by Nathan Omasta - ATD Factory Team Member