Classic-PAD | Anti-Chafe Foam Chamois Pad | Replacement Sew-in Padding for Bicycle Shorts

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Chamois: Classic
Color: Black
Gender: Unisex


Classic Multi-Layered Chamois Pad - Thick Pad


mens classic chamois replacement pad

The seamless Classic Crotch Pad is multi-layeredcycling apparel made in usa

The Classic Black Chamois pad is very comfortable,we love the thick pad ideal for the start of the cycling season when your butt still needs some mileage. Nice and thick!

Color: Black

* It is made of long lasting foam for anti-shock and comfort.
* This shock absorbing cellular urethane is designed to absorb shock for the life of the short.
* It is breathable in that it lets water vapor and perspiration move away from the body.
* This pad resists abrasion, is smooth and wrinkle free.
* The black pearl will not change its properties with usage and will not harden or soften with use.
* The pad's cells are "open cell structure" which allow water transportation while maintaining its ability to absorb shock without bottoming out.
Foams: Multi Density and High Protection
Thickness 12 mm total thickness on sit bones
10 mm high density and 2 mm engineered with specialized cutting technology
Category: Leisure Cycling or Spinning
Fabric: 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex
Density 70 kg to 30 kg

Features of the Black Pearl Crotch Pad

PAD - Classic Black One-Piece Crotch Pad, Chamois for cycling (BLKCLASSIC)

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