Short Sleeve Jerseys

Short Sleeve Bike Jerseys

Men's Short Sleeve bike jerseys are available in regular, big, and tall sizes. Jerseys have wicking properties to keep you cool and dry while cycling. Our jerseys come in three different fits. They are Classic, Club, and Pro. The Classic is a relaxed fit that you can expect to fit like a t-shirt. The Club is a tailored fit that has a closer-to-the-body fit. Finally, the Pro Jersey has a tight fit, designed to make complete contact with the skin.


A short-sleeve bike jersey is a must for any cyclist riding in warm weather. When you ride, you are going to sweat and warm up. Wearing just a plain cotton t-shirt that you may have had in your dresser drawer isn't going to cut it. A cotton tee will not breathe and end up soaking up the sweat; you are stuck riding in a soaking wet shirt. We make our jerseys from a breathable material that pulls moisture and sweat away from the body, keeping you comfortable. Almost all the jerseys we offer feature either a full front zip or a 3/4 front zip. The zipper allows for quick temperature control. We also sell men's cycling jerseys in tall sizes and Big.