Victoria-PAD | Women's Lightweight Chamois Pad | Replacement Sew-in Padding for Bicycle Shorts

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Color: Light Blue
Chamois: Victoria
Gender: Women


Chamois Padding Features - Victoria Pad - Purple Women's Bicycle Short Padding Women's Victoria Cycling Chamois Pad

The Women's Victoria Capri have a breathable, shock absorbing chamois padding sewn into the crotch area of the garment. The face of the chamois pad has a light fleece microfiber fabric that is hydrophobic which means it stays dry and keeps moisture from building up in the saddle area. The material is 100% polyester with a wicking action that pulls moisture to keep the pad dry. The 3D pad is engineered to have multiple layers of fabric and multiple densities of foam for cushioning the bicycle ride. The pad is elastic and stretchy with technical micro perforation for breath ability and air flow. The engineered foams are precision cut for stretchability and excellent anatomical fit. The surface has an antibacterial surface to keep the chamois pad protected from bacteria that causes saddle sores. This chamois is ideal for users of chamois butters or anti friction creams.

This chamois padding is 3 dimensional with varied levels of thickness. Chamois pad is lightweight and perforated for breath-ability Its design enables a thicker density for the sit bones and a thin density between the legs and in the chafe zones on the bicycle saddle. The pad has rapid sweat absorption, is easy wash & quick dry. Pad has a 3 Dimensional molded design with laser cutting technology that creates thicker and thinner densities of foam where it is needed on the bicycle saddle.

Women's Victoria Cycling Chamois Pad Features Women's Victoria Cycling Chamois Pad Dimensions

Women's Victoria Cycling Chamois Pad


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