Goddess-PAD | Women's Mid Distance Chamois Pad | Replacement Sew-in Padding for Bicycle Shorts

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Color: Black
Chamois: Goddess
Gender: Women


Ride Longer with our Women Specific ergonomic Chamois pad!

Women's Padded Mini Bike Short has a multi density chamois pad.  Made by Elastic Interface Technologies, the pad's face is a Coolcube fabric which has a three-dimensional construction.  The face is a soft fleecy - brushed Bacteriostatic polyamide cube design textured material which comes in direct contact with the skin to help prevent chafing and irritations. The polyester cube works at a lower level improving moisture management and promoting quick-dry functions. This special combination of fibers gives a lower temperature feeling at touch and provides the wearer a cooling effect.  Cycling pad has a very dense thickness on the ischial bones (80 Kg/M2) and a thinner area between the legs to keep this pad feeling lightweight and easy to wear. 

CyTech (pad designers) states that a great pad will have these features:  WELL-BALANCED ELASTICITY - It should have elasticity that adapts to the shorts fabric and to the movement of the cyclist.  VARIED DENSITY - It should have different densities to provide different levels of protection and support for different areas of the body.  CORRECT POSITIONING - The different densities and thicknesses need to be correctly positioned according to precise anthropometric parameters.  VARIED STRUCTURES - Different shapes for men and women cyclists because of the different conformation of their perineal and genital-urinary areas.  ANATOMIC DESIGN - The design should allow the bikepad to adapt to the cyclist's anatomy and guarantee maximum protection during movement. 

* The Coolcube fabric on the face on the chamois is a brushed polyester and polyamide construction for quick-dry.
*  Length 11 inches / Width 8 3/4 inches (277 X 175 MMM).
*  Pad offers protection with a Bacteriostatic polyamide cubed fabric
*  Foam Density of 80 Kg to help you ride longer and feel stronger
*  Perforation throughout the pad for lightness and breathability. 

women specific mini bike pad

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