Long Sleeve Tops

Women's Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Shop at Aero Tech for great women's long sleeve cycling jerseys. These bike jerseys will keep you on the bike saddle longer and more comfortable. Features: back pockets, reflective elements and thermal insulation. These garments have highly technical features that enhance your cycling comfort in cold weather. Examples include fabrics that stay dry during exercise to keep a warming layer of heat trapped next to your skin. The zippers allow you to vent heat or preserve the heat depending on the action while riding. We also present highly visible colors and reflective elements that create enhanced visibility for auto drivers in low light conditions, which are abundant in wintertime. The back pockets are easy to reach and accessible while riding with one hand. If you want sun protection, we recommend the Eclipse long sleeve jersey because it has a fantastic feel in all temperatures and has an spf of 50+, which protects skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays.